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Happy New Year 2020 Wishes, Quotes, Shayari & Images

Happy New Year 2020 is just days away from us and people are already starting their new year plan, celebration and shopping to make their new year 2020 memorable. The new year is the world’s largest occasion celebrating the new year with so much happiness and love. In everyone’s life, the New year is a new beginning. If you really want to achieve something new this new year 2020 the best way to let go wrong habits and accept the good things in your life.

New Year 2020

In this article, we try to provide you some best unique, motivational, Inspirational wishes. Just click on the ‘New Year’ section on the top menu and read everything that do you want to read and wish your parents, relatives, friends in this Happy New Year 2020. Another year is about to ends and another year is about to begin.

It is so easy to find the best new year wishes for your loved once( GF, BF), close friends and relatives. So on our site, we try to make it easy for you. People already begin a happy new year full of joy and excitement in 2020. Everyone invite their families, relatives, friends, so that everyone can enjoy beautifully. National holiday on this new year so enjoy the full day with your parents, friends, love once and make more memorable in your life. On the new year evening, everyone just enjoys fully watch movies in a nearby theater and go for parties.

In India, so many religious are stay together. Every single religion celebrates the new year in their own way. For a celebration, people decorate their homes, make delicious food and enjoy the whole day. Wishing, messaging and greeting are simple things that are important on every new year occasion. So wish everyone on this Happy New Year 2020.

Happy New Year 2020 wishes for Family & Friends

Happy New Year 2020

The New Year arrives during the Christmas. This is the perfect time to forget everything and sending Happy New Year greeting and wishes to friends and family members. In this way, you can surprise your loved ones and inspire new hopes, new opportunities, and a spirited feeling of renewal. Heart touching wishes for your friends and family members for this new year will show your love and gratitude to them. Here we share all kinds of best Happy New Year wishes for family and friends. Read and share with your family and friends.


Brother, you are one of the most precious gifts from God. I wish you all a Happy New Year to you always be bright in our family. You let our family be a source of blessing this year, have a happy new year.


2020 is the year for you full of joy, happiness, success, hope, peace, and togetherness for your family and friends, wish you all the best ‘A New Year 2020’.


Make your new year full of joy. Celebrate a fresh start with fireworks and greet your family, friends on the evening of New Year 2020.

Happy New Year 2020 wishes for Family & Friends

Wishing you a Happy New Year and an even joyous, Better and Happier and fun next year.


May all your wishes and dreams come true, and may prosperity touch feet wishing you a very Happy New Year.


Last year words are related to last year’s language and next year words are waiting for another voice. I wish you a Happy New Year.


My sister my first friend and my endless support. In the coming year, I wish you all the blessing you truly deserve. I love you, sis, wish you a Happy New Year.


Families tend to be mostly sweet with a number of nuts, Happy New Year.


You have been so special to me last year. This is one of my biggest wishes for this coming year to be very special to you.


As we step foot into another year I want to really thank you for lifting me up every time when I am down and encouraging me to move forward. I wish you a Happy New Year 2020.


Happy New Year to all who add sunshine to our family.


Years come and go but all it takes to make them worthwhile is unconditional love, great memories and encouragement to keep them alive. You gave me these and many more… and I know many more can come from you.


Happy New Year grandmother, I wish you a bright new year to brighten my life as you do each year. Thanks


To my great brother thank you for having fun and the embarrassing memories we sometimes share. Let’s continue the tradition in the coming year. I wish you a Happy New Year.

Family and friends wishes for 2020


When I look forward to the new year, I always think of the gifts my parents gave me though we are miles away. You have always been in my thoughts.


 Wishing you a Healthy year and a very Happy New Year.


Happy New Year My Child. I am so proud of you and everything you have done this past year.


I wish both of you a Very Happy New Year Mummy and Daddy. Thank You very much for all you do for me.


Hey, my friend wishes you a Very Happy New Year 2020.

Happy New Year 2020 wishes for Family & Friends


As the year ends consider the fantastic moments and remember this past lesson. I Wish You a Happy New Year.


Father thank you for everything you have done and for all that you have done to help me get on the path of life, wish you a Happy New Year.


In the world, there is nothing more important than you my friends. Thanks for always here for me, Happy New Year.


I always feel I am so lucky to have such a supportive and lovely family. May God keep all the smile and happiness in all of your life all year long.


My family is my one of the beautiful gifts to me from God, Happy New Year all.


The world can be very cruel at times but knowing you guys always behind me it just makes it easier. Happy New Year Guys, may god bless you.


My every new year is always so peaceful and relaxing because of my dearest family is the reason for this wonderful atmosphere. Happy New Year 2020.


This message conveyed my love and warm new year’s wishes to all members of my family.


Whenever I came down to earth my family was the soul of my life. May God bless my family member with great joy on New Year evening.


Each year brings something new to our lives, new jobs, new clothes, and new friends but one thing never changes a love for our family. Happy New Year.


My dear family members, I want you to know one thing. What really matters to me is your happiness and prosperity. Being a member of such a wonderful family is a real blessing. I will be forever grateful to you. Happy New year.


New Year wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Happy New Year 2020

New Year is the best time of the year is to celebrate with your loved ones. Happy New Year is the best time to tell them how much you care for them and love them. This is the perfect time to express your self in front of them with some romantic and meaning full message. We share some best Happy New Year wishes for girlfriend and Boyfriends. the main purpose is to express your love for the people you love. Our best wishes to you. Just read and share it with your loved one.


The fact that you have chosen me from everyone else is crazy I feel very special and needed while I am with you. The years we spend together make you feel as happy as I am every day. Happy New Year 2020. 


I can never solve a female mystery like yours. And this is what I like the most. When I am with you, our future is as bright as your eyes and as unconscious as I am. Happy New Year My love.


I can’t believe I’m kissing the most beautiful woman at midnight! You know I’ve been kissing you all year, don’t you? No break Thank you for being the best friend and my best girlfriend.


New Year’s night is so special for me because I have you by my side. May this wonderful time be the beginning of our amazing journey. Happy New Year Baby.


One of my biggest wishes come true past year because I met you. Janu Thank you so much for all your love and Support. I wish you a very Happy New Year 2020.


Some people have a Beautiful eye, some people have a Beautiful Hair, Someone has a beautiful smile. My Jaan You have all of them along with a sweet, kind heart. Happy New Year.


My Sweetie wishes you Happy New Year. You are the most wonderful and most important person in my life.


This year has been so exceptional and memorable as you have been in my life, and I truly believe that in the coming year we are going to share more great moments together.


Looking back on the past, I will always be so grateful for the amazing memories and moments we have shared. You are one of the most and important parts of my life.


I am very blessed to have such amazing Boyfriend like you, I really love you, my hero, Wish you a very Happy New Year.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend wishes for 2020

It’s really hard to explain how much I love you just believe that you are the most important person in my life, wish you Happy New Year.


The way you look at me makes me feel like I’m the most special and beautiful woman in the whole world. Thank you for making me happy I do everything I do to make you feel your best.


I am in love with you, babu just one thought about you stops my heart. I promise that I will always be there for you, support and cherish you no matter what. Happy New Year Janu.


My love, you made my life complete and full of joy the years to come can bring many opportunities to enjoy life. I wish you a Happy New Year.


Happy new year! Your love made me laugh, wept, gave me great happiness and shed tears in my eyes a few times but I am sure that our love will last forever.


It is only because of you that today I have found the courage to walk the lesser path, love can sometimes work in strange ways. Happy New Year 2020.


I am hopeful that this year will bring us a little bit of something we will always come back to each other. We are stronger than any kind of bad situation and obstacles. I LOVE YOU and Wish You Happy New Year.


My biggest wish for a new year has been holding you tight and feeling that our love will last forever. Happy New Year My Love.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend wishes for 2020

The Lord has blessed us with each other, I can no longer be grateful. May this year bring us success and good health. I Love You Jaanu.


I think we are really fortunate to find each other in this lifetime. Without your presence, I cannot think about my life. Thank You for always and forever, I love You so much.


You’ve been a part of my daily life in a very short time and I can’t say how much I love you. Happy New Year and Thank You for everything.


This new year I hope you all achieve your desired goals and build yourself a better version of yourself. Happy New Year.


A very special New Year wishes for the best boyfriend of all time. I hope you already know that I am in love with you. we hope in this new year we have more fun than last, Love you so much.


I realize that every year, our love grows even bigger and Stronger. We can have a happy New year to live our love.


This New Year I want to let you know that I have prayed for your life for the joy and happiness that your presence brings to my life.

BF and Gf wishes for 2020

My love, I hope we can survive the very special moments in the coming year and wish you all the best for you next year. Happy New Year.


You made me realize with your love that life is really great; I am forever grateful to you for everything. Hope we share our love forever.


Thank you for being drawn by me throughout the happy and sad times of the year. I want to get the same status in the coming year and many years after that. Happy New Year My Love.


You always gave me love and support, and I hope I will be able to give it to you. This is my New Year’s resolution. I Wish You a New Year.


I am so excited because New year means a million more kisses for us to share.


My only wish for this New Year is that our love can grow and grow and never face a hindrance.


I dreamed about kissing my favorite person as soon as New Year Thank you very much for making my dreams come true.


I hope the fire of passion between us completely burns out the New Year. Happy New Year Sweet Heart.


New Year wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Without you, I would never think. Thanks for coming into my life. I love to offer you this new year. Happy New Year.


You have given a life full of new ambitions and hopes. You are the one I really love all my heart. Happy New Year 2020.


I have never known anyone who was so pure and loyal. You have proved that true love exists. Happy New Year to an amazing, loyal Boyfriend.


Wishing you something new in this new year without a wife. You cannot change it throughout your life. Happy New Year.


A new year means new opportunities to bother a boyfriend with my new trick. Haha, I can’t wait to apply some new techniques to annoy you. Happy New Year.


The new year gives us an opportunity to renew our love for each other. We have gone through a lot during the past year, yet we are still together. I hope that this year, we will live each day one day with less anxiety but with so much happiness. Happy New Year.

Boyfriend and girlfriend wishes for 2020


I could hardly ask God in this new year because he was already kind enough to send me the best possible gift. Happy New Year.


Lie in your arms and listen to your heartbeat, it makes me feel that there is someone on this earth whose heart just beats for me. I can’t stop loving you, wish you a happy new year!


Happy New Year 2020 Wishes for Boss, Colleagues & Co-workers

Happy New Year 2020


Throughout the year you work with your bosses, clients, and co-workers and at this time the two of you have bonded. There is so much more to a relationship like friendship or working together in the same office. Happy New Year is the perfect opportunity to spread more cheer, love, warm greeting and start a new business to seek and build a better relationship with your business partners, Bosses, and colleagues, Client, etc. In this article, we are going to share the best Happy New Year’s wishes for all colleagues, business partners, and Bosses. As a good person, this is your first responsibility to wish your colleagues, bosses, and business partners. In this way, you can grow your relationship and business opportunities with them.


During a great time of the year, I hope we are well together in the future. Happy New Year, have good luck.


I wish this new year can put you at the highest point of success. You can see the peak of your personal and professionally successful life this year.


As you set foot in another year, here’s to wish God gave it the right ingredients that can be used to cook a success story.


I wish you a happy New Year to the best work colleagues! May your next year be full of success and happiness.


I wish you Happy New Year one of the best work colleagues. Happy and peaceful coming year.


All my love for my co-workers, last year brought a lot of joy and it can continue for the next year and beyond.


You work hard at achieving goals and make the New Year a milestone in your career. Wishing you Happy New Year.

Happy new year wishes for boss and colleagues


A  year behind us with a lot of hard work and labor. The results of the obtained business have proved to be the result of this effort. Thank you very much for this great work. I wish you a rocking Happy New Year.


Work to the best of your ability for the New Year and show the world that you have the ability to create great and best things. I Wish You a Happy New Year.


Wish You Happy New Year 2020. You rediscover the energy within you to bring about the positive change In work.


For this coming year, we hope you achieve all your personal and professional goals. Happy New Year.


Happy New Year to my dear colleagues! Enjoy the coming year with lots of smiles and peace.


Expect a new year to work even more with hunger and passion and you are sure to have success.


I fell in love with my office. But before that, I fell in love with you. Happy New Year my wonderful colleagues.


 You have been a strong example for people at work, this new year will impose a greater responsibility to lead people by your standards and provide higher values for improving the work environment. Happy New Year.


Spending every day with you guys in the office is full of fun and learning new things for me. I want to be with you guys in the new year and many more years.


 I hope the arrival year is as fruitful and wonderful as last year. And our bond stronger than ever. Happy New Year.


Time to say goodbye to the old year. Let’s welcome the New Year with a heart full of positivity, joy and new hope. I Wish You a Happy New Year.


 I really wish this new year will help you to achieve all the success. Achieve all your goals and fulfill your objectives.


I pray for you that you get the result of all your hard work and get all the sweet rewards you deserve in life. Happy New Year.

New Year wishes for Boss and colleagues


This year gives you everything you desire and brings you success in every direction. Best of luck to my dear colleagues for the year 2020.


I really believe that you are an asset to the company. Our company really need a co-worker like you. I Wish You a Happy New Year.


In anticipation of another year filled with great success and a new adventure. May God bless us for this Coming Year, Wish You Happy New Year.


Thank you for watching everyone, being in the workplace as my colleague makes me proud. Happy New Year 2020.


Every company needs co-workers like all of you. Every day you guys make this work a lot more fun with your positivity and fun-loving side. I wish all of you Happy New Year.


Thank you very much all of you for always working with the highest potential and helping the company achieve more each year. May this coming year be like any other, Happy New Year.


I like how my co-workers always make the workplace friendly and work so easy. I always appreciate all of you Guys. Happy New Year, have fun.


I hope the coming year will be your lucky year and help you achieve your desired goals. Happy New Year Boss.



Boss, You are truly the resource of this company. Your Inspiration inspires us. Thank you for the full purpose of the year. Happy New Year sir!


Every new year brings new hope for all of us. I am really so hopeful that we will have a better working relationship today. Happy New Year.


Boss, you are the perfect role model for all of us. We are really blessed to have a leader like you. I hope that there will be more people like you in the world so that this world will be better placed. Happy New Year 2020.


Sir, I really want to thank you for what you have taught me. I wish you all the best of luck for the next year. Happy New Year 2020.

Boss and colleagues wishes for 2020

Your dedication to your work is inspiring to all your employees. May this coming year you inspire us even more.


Another year is coming soon, this team will face another setback, but we do not worry at all. Because you are a good leader, and we trust you. Happy New Year to your family sir.


I appreciate the way you handle issues in our department. You are one of the best leaders in our company. Happy New Year.


You have not only given our family the opportunity to work and earn, but also the gift of friendship. Happy New Year Boss.


Sir, you have given me one of the greatest gifts of the past year. You gave me a job to support my family. I’m forever grateful. I am wishing you Happy New Year and your family.


I feel really blessed to work for someone who knows how to manage any work, a good person. You are my best boss. Happy New Year.


Thanks for pushing me to do great things that I thought I couldn’t do. I really want to follow your path so that i also can be called Boss someday.


Boss, you are best because no one like you could keep us united and motivated throughout the year. Your knowledge and guidance are most needed in the coming years. Happy New Year.


This has been a very productive year for the whole team under your wing. Expect a great new stay upfront. Happy New Year Boss!


Thank you, boss, for your motivational speech always inspire us and helping us to achieve our potential to the best of our ability. Happy New Year.


Boss, you are the inspiration to lots of people at work. This new year I look forward to seeing more of your impressive work, sir.


Boss, you derve more success in Business. Your determination and Vision always lead us to achieve the ultimate success. Happy New Year.


Your commanding and guiding ability is really great. Keep motivating and guiding us Boss with your wonderfull working Knowledge. Happy New Year 2020.


Happy New Year 2020 wishes for Husband & Wife

Happy New Year 2020


This is my deepest desire, this year become one of the best years for you. I wish you a Happy New Year 2020.


Let’s welcome this New Year together, celebrate every joy it holds, and get it through every grief. Happy New Year.


Marketing at the end of the old year and entering the day of the new year. I wish you happiness and success, my beloved wife.


My love for you never faded. It will get stronger over time. Warm 2020 New Year wishes to the woman who is my life. Thank you for always being there for me and enlightening my life.


You have always been my biggest support and strength. Thank you for being there for me and for showing me your unconditional love. I Love you forever, Happy New year.


As I enter 2020, I promise that every moment I will be there with you I promise that I will love you even more. I promise I will make this the best year of your life.

Husband & wife wishes for 2020


Our married life is like a fairy tale to me. You came from somewhere and amazingly made my life beautiful. I want to take your hand and ride this beautiful life. Happy New year My Love.


Let us celebrate this New Year with all the wonderful moments we have spent with each other and together. Happy New Year My beautiful wife.


I promise to be with you forever and forever. I love you. Nothing can separate us. I love you my Jaan, I wish you Happy New Year.


God could not land on earth and therefore He sent a sweet angel like you to take care of me. Make the coming year more beautiful in your angel manner. I LOVE YOU, my sweetheart.


I pray to the god this new year bring more smile on your face and fill your heart with hopes for a better future.


Before the clock rings, before the new year arrives, I want to let you know that you are the best thing that happened to me last year. Happy New Year, Sweetheart!


I really don’t care how many years come and go in our lives. My love for you will always be fresh and pure, just like the first day of our marriage.


To me each and every new year just as special as our anniversary. Thank you for making the new year evening special. Happy New Year.


Let us put all our sorrow and regret here yesterday and just keep with us the memories of the love we shared. I wish you a Happy New Year 2020.


This new year is very special for me because I spend this new year with you and, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Happy New Year Sweetheart.


Life is not like living without you. You complete me I love you so much. I really thank God for blessing me with your love.


You are the only man that I can marry every year and for that I never regret. One thing I promise you that you make more proud to have me as your wife. I wish you a Happy New Year, My dearest Husband.


Our love is like a beautiful flower. It is pure, divine, beautiful, affectionate. I am so happy to be with you.


This New Year I want to tell you that if I could turn the clock in time, I would choose you again and again as my wife.

Husband & Wife wishes for 2020

All the luxuries and treasures of the world can mean nothing if you are not there. You are one of the real jewels of my life. Happy New Year.


Every time I look at you, I just smile at myself and think, ‘I certainly couldn’t do better’. You’re perfect in that way you are. I love you so much, honey.


Dear wife, I pray that this New Year extends our relationship deeper and more fruitfully with a new dawn. Happy New Year.


I will never get tired of loving you. I have spent many years with you and I can only say that my love for you has only grown stronger than ever. Happy New Year.


We love our hearts because we have endured the test of time. Darling, I want to let you know that I won’t let you go anymore. My Love wishes you Happy New Year.


You are always the biggest strength in my life and I have a thousand problems in life but when I see you smile I forget all. Happy New Year.


May this New Year discover the best for you. This may be the best year of your lifetime. Wishing you a year full of joy and love.


This year I have felt even more deep love with you and I want to love you even more in the coming year. My Lovely wife wishes you a Happy New Year.


I am so thankful to God for making you a part of my life. Without you, my life would have been incomplete. Hope you find happiness in the world. Happy New Year.


We have struggled so much to be with each other for life today, every moment looks so rewarding and life together feels so calm. Happy New year my sweetheart.


I really want to thank you for all the happiness, love and special moments you gave me last year. Let me do the same for you in the years to come. You are one of the most valuable gifts in my life. Happy New Year.

Husband and wife new year wishes


One reason to be grateful every day for keeping you in my life. I want you to know that you are the best thing in my life. Happy New Year.


You were so good at stealing my heart and I was so good at catching a thief. I feel ecstatic to finally be doing so. Happy New Year 2020.




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