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Best Indian Defence News Blogs or Website in 2020

In this article, we share the top 10 Indian Defence News Blogs or websites in 2020. If you are Indian then you might be curious about Indian Defence News. We share the top 10 blogs includes Indian Defence research wing, Force Magazine, Livefist, Befojji, Broadsword, Trishul  Trident, Security Wise, National Defence (Fight for India), Strapost and Indian Defence update.

First Indian Defence News Blog- Indian Defence Research Wing

Indian Defence News

In 2006 Indian Defence Research wing was first launched and reporting on Defence-related issues. Because the mainstream Indian media has not been given too much importance. They collect all information from the mainstream media to one destination that led to the creation of Their main focus was also counter Biased and negative reporting done by specific departments of national and international companies.

Their Indian Defence news site “Indian Defence News wings” receive a lot of appreciation from their regular visitor. Indian Defence research main focus remains on the Indian Defence forces, they also try to cover important news breaks and global and regional issues.

Over the years they built their resources on various deployments and after gaining their trust, the national media provides reliable information before they could do so on many of the country’s core Defence projects.

The second Blog is Force Magazine

Indian Defence News

In 2003 the force magazine was star their journey. This magazine is an 80-page monthly print magazine. Their motive to start this magazine is dedicated to the Indian army operations on the line of control with Pakistan.

This magazine covers a board range of issues from higher defense management to Military news and features, military aviation, Paramilitary matters, Border management, naval affairs, Diplomacy, and Pakistani and Indian perspectives. The force magazine’s main aim is package news and views like the reputed British publication ‘Jane Defence Series’.

They post one article per day. The domain authority is 41.

Blog is Livefist

Indian Defence News

Livefist is a two times awards winning sites on aerospace, Indian Defence & Military affairs. This site is currently the world’s most visited quoted and reference new site on the subject. Livefist is now full-fledged news and intelligent analytics resources fast-updating news with a steady stream of agenda-setting exclusive report that others follow. Every day they publish 1 article.

Livefist has a Facebook fan 40.5k, Twitter followers 44.1k. The domain authority is 44.

The fourth Blog is Befojji


Befojji provides a common roof for all Defence aspirants. The sole purpose of this website is to assist all Defence aspirants in preparation for their armed forces examinations and provide Defence news. Befojji is open for all Defence aspirants, Defence coaching academics & online Defence websites/portals to share their views with each other.

The domain authority is 5. They publish one post per week.

Fifth Indian Defence News Blog is Broadsword


Broadsword is a blog by Ajay Shukla an Indian journalist and retired Indian Army Colonel. He shares about defense strategy, economy, news, and staff. He publishes 3 posts per week. Broadsword domain authority is 47.

Six Blog is Trishul Trident

Prasun K Gupta is an owner of this blog. This blog is all about Indian Military technology. The blog was the first to launch in 2011. This blog publishes one article per month.

The domain authority is 37.

Seven Blog is Security Wise

Security wise

In 2011 Bharat Karnad has first started this blog. He is India’s foremost conservative strategist. This blog is published 3 articles every week. The domain authority is 36.

National Defence- Fight for India

National Defence fight for India

National Defence (Fight for india) is an initiative of independent Indian journalist Shailesh Kumar. He is a strategic Alarmist and National interest Crusader with 17 years of media experience. He has previously worked with leading television brands.

10 posts per month and domain authority are 25.

Nine Indian Defence News blog is Stratpost


This blog is India’s first news website on south Asian Military & Strategic affairs, aerospace and defense industry, and technology.

They publish 2 posts per month. Facebook fans are 6.9 K. Twitter follower is 2.9 k. 44 is domain authority.

Indian Defence Update

Indian Defence Update

If you want to know the latest information about Defense news, News on Indian army, Defense headlines, Military, Indian armed forces or Airforce news.

They publish 30 posts/ quarter.

Facebook fans are 63.4 k and domain authority is 40.

Indian Military (Service Benefits and Issues)

Indian Defence News

The author of the Indian Military service is Major Navdeep Singh. This blog is contributed to burning issues concerning the armed forces. The frequency of publishing an article is 7 posts per year. He lunches this blog in April 2008.

Facebook fans are 2.3 k and Twitter follower is 54.7 k. Domain Authority is 27.

Indian Defence News last blog is DefenceLover

This blog is all about Indian armed forces and intelligence agencies, world defense news and SSB Tips. To inspire everyone to read more about our armed forces they publish all sorts of events and stories about our brave and heroic armed forces.

Domain authority is 36, an Instagram follower is 16.3k and the Twitter follower is 17.2 k.



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