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Koimoi Bollywood News Update site- Inside Bollywood

Koimoi is an Indian daily Bollywood news update site. This site giving you a peek into Bollywood today and tomorrow. If you really want to update your self about Bollywood and other news. You should choose this site as your daily newspaper. property owned by the India Pvt.Ltd. This site operated outside of Mumbai.


They also have a mobile app on Android and IOS store.

Koimoi Team

Umesh Punwani

Associate Editor

Email id-

Mobile No- 9096069527


Satish Iyer is a director and co-founder of the

His email Id is –

Any software compliance & Infringement issue

If you find any software compliance issues and inquiries for the company. You must email Chief Financial officer Satish Iyer at and chairman Alok Kejriwal at

Koimoi is a website dedicated to providing authentic Bollywood news, Box-office report and Film reviews. tags like are –Inside Bollywood


42, Film center,

68 Tardeo Road

Mumbai- 400034

Phone- + 91 2223511497/98

Fax- +91 2223511499


ReadHindi Romantic Movies Categories are

They have 9 main categories which are includes

Box Office

News & Gossip

Power Index


Big Boss 13

Poll 19

Trending Interviews


Let’s Discuss every Category in Details

Koimoi’s first category is the Box office. In this category, they share about Box –office collection of every movie. They also divided this category into so many subcategories like

Daily Bo Update

How The Hype

Hits & Flop

All-time Grossers

Highest Grossers

Highest openers

100 crore Club

200 Crore Club

Best of overseas

Profitable Films

Hollywood Highest

‘Second’ category is News & Gossip

In this category, they share all kinds of Bollywood, Hollywood, and South movies related to Gossip. They divided this category into 6 sub-categories like


Flashback 2019


Television & Web

Fashion & Lifestyle


Koimoi ‘Third’ category is Power Index

This category is divided into 3 sub-categories are

BO Filmometer

Star’s Power Index

Director’s Power Index

‘Fourth’ category is Reviews

In this category, they discuss all kind of reviews Likes

Movie Review

Web Review

Music Review

Box-Office Review

Trailer Review

Koimoi ‘Fifth’ category is Bigg Boss 13

In this category, they share all kinds of recent updates about Big Boss 13.

‘Six’ category is PoLL 19

In this category, they take audience poll for Bollywood Movies.

‘Seven’ Category is Trending

They share all kinds of the trending news in this category.

‘Eight’ category is Interviews

In this category, they share interviews related to Bollywood Movies.

‘Nine’ category is Visuals

In this section, they share all kinds of movie trailers and upcoming video updates.

It is divided into 7 subcategory likes






Photo Features

Movie posters


ReadFaridoon Shahryar


If anyone needs more information about this site you can check here-

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