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Subho Nababarsha 2020- Pahela Baishakh, Naba Barsha 2020

Subho Nababarsha– This day is very special for all Bengali around the world. Bengali new year recognizes various names like Naba Barsha in West Bengal and Tripura and Pahela Baishakh in Bangladesh. Each and every year Subho Nababarsha is celebrating 14 April on Bangladesh and 14 or 15 April in India. This day is the first day of the Bengali calendar.

Subho Nababarsha Glossology

Subho Nababarsha also called Pahela Baishakh. So the meaning of Pahela is First and Baishakh is a Bengali calendar first month.

Naba Barsha History

According to the Islamic Hijri calendar during the Mughal rule land taxes are collected from Bengali people. The festival was a tradition during the rule of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Royal astronomer Fethullah Shirazi create a new calendar by combining two calendars like the Islamic calendar and Hindu calendar. According to some history resources, this modified calendar called a Bengali Calendar. But Nitish Sengupta and Shamsuzzaman Khan said the Bengali calendar is an unclear calendar.

According to the Nitish Sengupta, it’s traditional name is Bangabda and on the other side, Shamsuzzaman called a ‘Bangla San or Saal’.

Subho Nababarsha wishes

Subho Nababarsha

I wish you  Subho Nababarsha. I wish this Naba Barsha tries to be a better version of your self. So read, learn, continue, repeat.

Subho Nababarsha

You’re always very special to me my daughter. I wish you Subho Nababarsha.

Subho Nababarsha

Don’t forget your past. Always try to learn from It. I wish you Shubho Naba Barsha.

Subho Nababarsha

May your heart shine with warmth, happiness and so much joy. Always be happy and cheerful. Subho Nababorsha.


Just forget what happened in the past. Life can be different than it is now a Subho Nababarsha. This is a fresh start and a clean slate.


Have a Subho Nababarsha, a year of great success. Good luck, good health, and peace. Wishing you Subho Nababarsha.


I can’t imagine life without a loved one. May your Nababarsha bring you unique moments and precious memories. Wish You Subho Nababorsha.

subho nababarsha shubhechha

Life is not always easy. So don’t give up very easily. Always Be prepared and say to the life I am on. I wish you  Subho Nababarsha.

Subho Nababarsha

Really I had a great year with You. I look forward to spending my all life with you. Wish You Shubho Nababarsha.


Patience my friend Patience is a key to success. So try to learn some new every day and implement it in your life. I wish You Shubho Nababarsha.


Starting each year takes you one step closer to achieving your dream. I hope this year is a breakthrough and that your thinking will eventually transform into reality. Wish You Shabho Nababarsha.


Always trust in the Bhagawan with all your heart. Submit to Him in all your ways, and Bhagwan will make your paths straight. Subho Nababarsha.

Subho Nababarsha Photo

I wish you a Subho Naba Barsha. I wish you this year bring you an extraordinary Joy and good fortune. Which leads you great success.

Subho Nababarsha Photo

Subho Nababarsha is a time to celebrate, have fun and party with friends and family. So you can enjoy your new year with your loved one.


Everyone makes a mistake. But few people are there who learn from their mistakes. So this Nababarsha tries to learn from your mistakes.

subho nababarsha shubhechha

Last year is past. But coming Nababarsha is a blast. Looking forward to the coming year. I always told you you are the best.

Bangladesh celebration in Subho Nababarsha

In Bangladesh, the Subho Nababarsha celebrates as a public holiday. Hindu and Muslim celebrate this day. This festival becomes a popular medium of cultural pride and heritage among Bangladesh as they protested against Pakistani rule in the 1950s to 1960s.

In Bangladesh, this festival is celebrated by arranging fairs, Processions, and Singing. So many people start a traditional business this day. People are enjoying the Jatra play and singing the song. All the women wear traditional dresses, normally white and the red color combination is popular.

Dhaka Celebration

In Dhaka, the celebration starts with ‘Rabindranath Tagor’ song ‘Esho Hee Baishakh’. In the Pahela Baishakh university of Dhaka specially organized a Mangal Shobhajatra. It is a traditional colorful procession organized by the students of the faculty of Fine art. In 1985 the Shobhajatra start by the Charupith. The University of Dhaka traditionally starts Mangal Shobhajatra with different themes in 1989.

For celebrating the Bengali New year different organizations arranged the Mangal Shobhajatra all over the country. Their main focus to Highlight their culture, tradition in the Shobha Jatra.

In recent years they focus on different themes like Bangladesh culture and politics of the country. They celebrate the Naba Barsha by pigeon racing, boat racing, cockfights, and bull racing in Munshiganj.

Chittagong celebrate the new year

In Chittagong and all over Bangladesh follow the same tradition to celebrate the new year. Chittagong university students also organized the Mangal Shobhajatra on cultural activities.

This day in Chittagong Shilpakala Academy also celebrates the dance, music, and cultural program.

India Subho Nababarsha Celebration

Bengali is all around in India. Pahela Baisakh is celebrated around India. But mostely West Bengal and Tripura, northeast people celebrate the Pahela Baishakh. In India, Bengali New year is recognized by another name Shubha Naba Borsha. This day all Bengali families clean their homes and decorate them with Rangoli.

West Bengal New Year celebration

Naba Borsha is a traditional festival in West Bengal. According to the Bengali calendar, Nabo Barsha falls on 14 or 15 April every year. Bengali people take a morning bath in the river and start their day with praying to the Lakshmi and Ganesha. All small and big businessman start a new accounting year by opening the new accounting Book.s

So many schools, colleges arrange a Mangal Shobhajatra to celebrate the Bengali New Year.

Tripura and northeast people celebration

Tripura is a northeast small hilly state in India. Bengali cultural people and Tripuri people stay together in the state. Each and every year Bengali people from Tripura start their morning taking a bath on the river and pray to the Hindu Gods like Lakshmi and Ganesh. They also visit the Hindu God temple. This day they wear new cloth and make traditional foods and sweets in their home and wish everyone like Shubha Naba Barsha.

Some interesting facts about Subho Nababarsha

Most of the Bengali People don’t know when Bangla’s day actually starts. According to all Pahela Baishakh activity, Bengal day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset.

All Bengali follow the modified version of the Bengali Calendar. The old calendar is modified in 1987. Due to the Modification of the Bengali calendar, every Subho Nababarsha falls on 14 April in Bangladesh.

This day all the men wear Panjabi and women wear white and red color saree. The festive food menu is Panta Bhat with Fried Hilsha Fish and also includes sweet.

In 2016 the Dhaka Mangal Shobhajatra receive an honor of cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. This day special fairs and different kinds of sports are arranged all over the country.

Not only India and Bangladesh celebrate the Bengali New Year. Some other countries like Canada celebrate its Heritage Festivals in a colorful manner. In Australia, the Pahela Baishakh event is host by the Bangabandhu Council of Australia at Sydney Olympic Park.

On 14 April new year festival are celebrating other states of India by another name like in Assam is called a Rongali Bihu, Vishu in Kerala, Thingyan in Burma, Vaisakhi in central and North India and Juir Sheetal in Mithila.


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